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Our clinic is dedicated to providing a rapid, accessible skin cancer screening and treatment service.

We only manage melanoma skin cancer.

If you have a spot that you are worried about, we can do a spot check with dermatoscopy.
This will help to decide if the spot is a skin cancer and will need to be treated, or if it is a benign skin spot that can be left alone.
To book an appointment, you will need a referral from your GP or local clinic doctor. This service is covered by MSP.

We can book appointments without a referral for full skin screening with dermoscopy on a private pay basis.

There is a fee for this service, as it is not covered by MSP. No referral is required.

This is particularly useful for patients who have numerous moles on their body, patients with severely sun damaged skin or patients with a past history of skin cancer.


1. If you are referred by a doctor for assessment of a specific mole and you have a valid MSP card, then there is no fee to you.  This is covered by MSP.

2. For mole mapping and whole body dermoscopy (these are done together) the fee is $485.00 per examination.

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