1. Is Dr. Enyvari a dermatologist?

No, he is not. He is a Family Doctor with a special interest in skin cancer medicine and extra training in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Dermatologists are specialist doctors who treat all manner of skin disease, over 2000 different skin problems. A small fraction of these are skin cancers.



2. Does Dr. Enyvari have extra training in dermatoscopy?
Yes, he does. He has completed a diploma in the use of the dermatoscope through the University of Graz. He has been using dermatoscopy as a regular tool in his practice for the past 10 years.


3. Is my visit to Skin Spot Clinic covered by MSP?
Yes, if you are referred to us by a doctor. Any follow up visits/surgeries that are booked for you by Dr. Enyvari are also covered by MSP.
If you wish to have a full skin exam with dermoscopy and mole mapping, that is not covered by MSP and you will be billed privately for the visit. The cost is $445.00 CDN per examination.


4. Why does Dr. Enyvari take photos of some of my moles?
Photos are regularly taken of skin lesions so that they can be found easily on your next visit for removal or follow up. Some lesions are not frankly malignant on dermatoscopic examination, but they may look somewhat suspicious. These lesions are often photographed and then re-checked a few months later to see if they have changed from the previous photos. If so, they are removed.


5. Does Dr. Enyvari have his own Family Medicine practice at the Skin Spot Clinic?
No, he does not. He only sees patients for melanoma skin cancer screening/treatment at Skin Spot Clinic.


6. Are any cosmetic surgeries offered at the clinic?
Yes, we do offer private pay mole removal.


7. Is the clinic part of the BC Cancer Agency?
No, it is not. If you have a serious skin cancer that we cannot fully treat at the Skin Spot Clinic, we may refer you to the BC Cancer Agency for treatment.


8. I have never come across a clinic like this in BC. What made you decide to open this clinic?
During his time in Australia, Dr. Enyvari saw a lot of patients with skin cancer. Upon his return to BC, he was surprised to see the number of patients here who had skin cancer also. A lot of these patients did not know they had skin cancer-their cancer was noted by Dr. Enyvari when he was seeing them for other problems (often when he was listening to patients’ chests for lung infections, he would spot skin cancers on the back or chest). There are a great number of skin cancer clinics like this in Australia, and Dr. Enyvari felt it would be useful to introduce this type of clinic to BC, and to raise people’s awareness of skin cancer and improve their access to skin cancer diagnosis and treatment.


9. Can I go to a Dermatologist to get my skin checked for cancers?
Absolutely. Dermatologists are trained in detecting and treating skin cancers. Your doctor can refer you to a Dermatologist for this. There is a severe shortage of Dermatologists in BC. You will have to wait for an appointment to see a dermatologist, which is usually 3-5 months. We do not have dermatologists in Chilliwack or Hope or Agassiz.


10. Do all Dermatologists use a dermatoscope to check moles?
Some do, but not all.
Dermatoscopy is not as widely used in North America as it is in other countries like Australia and New Zealand.
It is being used more and more, however, as the number of skin cancers continue to increase.


11. How long will my appointment take for a full skin screen?
Our full skin screen includes total body mapping with the FotoFinder ATBM machine, head-to-toe skin exam and dermoscopy and a comprehensive analysis of the results. Dr.Enyvari will review with you the dermoscopic images of any suspicious moles. All suspicious moles are marked for excision or future follow up. This examination takes one hour in most cases.


12. Does Dr. Enyvari check every single mole with his dermatoscope?
Yes, he does. This is why the full skin checks take a long time.
He does not check every freckle or every skin bump -only actual moles and any suspicious skin spots he discovers during your skin exam.


13. If I have just one or a few specific skin spots that I am worried about, can I have just those spots checked without undergoing a full skin exam?
Absolutely. You will need a referral from a doctor to get a booking at the clinic. These visits are covered by MSP.
When Dr. Enyvari sees you, he will check the specific spots you are worried about.
These appointments are booked for 15 minutes. Dr. Enyvari will examine up to 5 moles with dermoscopy on a regular visit.


14. Do you offer urgent appointments?
Absolutely. Urgent appointments are offered to patients where there is a suspicion of a deep (nodular) melanoma or a rapidly growing tumor. Please ask your doctor to write “URGENT” on your referral so that we can see you as soon as possible.


15. How do you pronounce Dr. Enyvari’s name?
This is a frequent question at our reception desk!
The best way to pronounce it is to ignore the “y”. Just say it as “Dr.Envari”.
Some patients prefer to call him “Dr. Andrew”.