We are dedicated to melanoma screening, diagnosis and treatment.


At Skin Spot Clinic, we know that having a suspicious skin lesion can be very stressful for our patients.
The fear of having a skin cancer can cause a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. Using dermatoscopy allows us to frequently diagnose skin cancers without needing to biopsy the lesion.

This allows us to frequently give you an “on the spot” diagnosis of the suspect lesion.

This also reduces the number of unnecessary biopsies/excisions of benign, non-cancerous skin lesions.

In some instances, dermatoscopy is not diagnostic and further testing with biopsy is required to identify the lesion.


Dr. Enyvari can advise you on how to best prevent skin cancer and modify your risks for skin cancer.


Dr. Enyvari sees patients for spot checks (checking specific spots/moles) as well as whole body skin screening and mole mapping, where the entire body is examined for melanoma skin cancer and all the moles are logged in to the Fotofinder machine.
​He uses dermatoscopy to examine skin moles/skin lesions in great detail, allowing for early identification of skin cancers at cannaclear.com .

Following your examination, Dr. Enyvari will explain to you if you have any lesions that need further treatment/investigation and will go over these options with you.



Skin Spot Clinic offers screening, diagnosis and treatment of melanoma skin cancer.
Dr. Enyvari uses dermoscopy to diagnose lesions. If you have a suspicious mole, we can remove this in our clinic. We will arrange all necessary follow up for melanoma cases that we diagnose blue guava strain, so if you have a deep melanoma that needs further surgery or assessment at the BC Cancer Agency, we will make all the necessary appointments and referrals for you.